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SD Lowry Exchange Services realignment
No more Consulting services

As of June 30, 2009 the SD Lowry Exchange will no longer provide Consulting or not-for-profit services.  Consulting services will be moved to the SD Lowry Corporation and the not for profit business will align with Dantzler Holding.  SD Lowry in now free to compete in the IT space for business and technology services without restraints.  We will continue to partner with Microsoft for these services.  Our first line of business will be to become a certified small business partner for Microsoft solutions during 2009 and let the Consulting business develop any new partnerships.  We have added Server virtualization and Cloud computing to our services group for implementation and support.  We will be upgrading our technology labs to focus more on testing and research & development.  By 4th quarter 2010 we hope to have all our realignments completed and stay the course during these difficult economic times.  Working with our new consulting partner we hope to help companies reduce their IT and business cost. ~SD Lowry

S.D. Lowry Corporation Merger
Not for profit and media merger
The S.D. Lowry Corporation will merge with Dantzler Holdings to manage not-for-profit and charitable organizational dealings.  Previously this was handled by SD Lowry Exchange and Home eOne Communications.  Home eOne will merge with JazzeOne Productions for Media and Entertainment and move its consulting services to the SD Lowry Corporation. Until further developments take place, both SD Lowry Corporation and Dantzler Holdings will be privately held and jointly manage all of Sherman Dantzler's current and future business ventures. Please visit our Corporate services website at


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