Business Management & Consulting

SD Lowry Corporation


We provide valuable services for individuals, small and large businesses through our consulting, training, support services, knowledge and project management groupings

The SD Lowry Corporation was established as a domestic partner in 2010. The following organizations are doing business as partners and Clients of SD Lowry.



SD Lowry Corporation

Multiple Industry Consulting. Information Technology and Business Process Management and Cloud Computing.

Consulting/Sales/Service: 810-230-4876

For General information or RFS  Email

SD Lowry Exchange
Technology Services, Knowledge Process & Management, Project Management support, Website Design.

Okatering Company
Catering, Private Parties, Food Service Consulting, Restaurant Planning, Menu Design.

JazzeOne Production
Jazz History Consulting, Music CD & Vinyl Record sales, EMCEE (Master of Ceremony) and DJ (Disc Jockey).

House About Us Real-Estate Exchange
New Buyers Consulting, Seller Assistance, Exterior & Interior Decorating ideas

20 Grand Lowry Mall

Store Sales and Product Purchasing.

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